Starting with the viewer becuse it is consitant.

The thumbnail and all the stuff I need to download is under ‘binaries’. They have a format called skj3. That is a js version of sketchup. Use that.

I hate JSON parsing Flow would be so nice now.

material where type == “json-color”

common transform: debug format nested

I want to see the type. Tally down.

Their are at least 3 differnt types of material. rgb,

Sketchup 2,680,035 modles

Most of which are terrible.

Endless posibilites for editor. Let’s try not to do that now. Let’s save the asset info to github.

I estimate 1-4 mb per mesh with poor compression.

4.6 mb / mesh. Why is sketchup bigger?

seems 20s is time to download? No, it does not. They actully proably do not have protection

Only 1 perosn (Elizabeth “Lizzy” Consuelo LeDuc) my age has a wikipedia page at uiuc. People will love the unity extension.