Architecture 1: When I summon something,


instantiate “warehouse.vegitation.tree1”



scene mesh texture object position children

Down to one unneeded copy.

configurable things about them (like color)

mouth-to-ear delay -> 200 ms Because of the Haas effect an additional 15 milliseconds can be added to the delay time of the loudspeakers nearer the audience, so that the stage’s wavefront reaches them first, to focus the audience’s attention on the stage rather than the local loudspeaker. The slightly later sound from delayed loudspeakers simply increases the perceived sound level without negatively affecting localization. 1,700miles -> 63ms 80-100ms ping 10mb/sec up

The engines

Game engineswave looks good now. Delta could be good, eventully. Xenko is intresting monogame

Unity vs Unreal I am unhapy with unity right now becuse they are still on 2.0 an the api is a mess. Seems to be more limited.

Unreal offers grants. Sketchup importer? Useful multi-importer

Node-based. Unity does not. Proably are working on. Unreal is more for building games. Has a lot of stuff built. Would be traped.

In game brower source

what will unity do about this?

All of the engines are flexible. I know unity.

Boths support gear vr and oculus android webgl

Workflow SM intelegenc app wait up to

some thing are objects editors all of this code can be flatend quite nicely global debuging - how is that setup? overdide, compose

send to all flow-based

#off topic xUnit is for performance tests in c# #end