Chrome in C# CefSharpe some things from mozila and mono. Webkit thing. //GeckoFX, OpenWebkitSharp, WebKit.NET and Awesomium.

sound like wooga

Extended CefSharp.OffScreen.ChromiumWebBrowser to override InvokeRenderAsync and upload the bitmap to the gpu insted of copying it around. I wounder how many times this data is copied. BackBufferHandle

OpenTK seems to still to be the best OpenGL BINDING I may want an engine… (Maybe use mongame or someti)

24 ms ‘dumb’ lag time. 4 ms with ‘fast’ mode http does not acutlly have that much overhead. i need to transfer 80kb. I could transfer to a format that can be loaded directly to the gpu, but for android, this is a mess. I will just use png for now, unless lag.

Selenium WebDriver sounds cool.

ETC1 is 170kb for same image… Has unity plugin


26382 using wpf. 27463 using forms 29115 native chrome 23623 firefox (with chrome still open)

OS Bluetooth File Network

Window Output Video Keyboard Mouse Touch

Chrome Browser Has tabs Open