Cluster a depth image? Perisocope for VR.

VR notes

Notice Paralax?

displacement = distance

400 px => 30 degree

.1 degrees 8 degrees

I can read 8px, easily (the font is ) 4 pixle spacing

6px is also readable, but less so.

I code at 15 degrees 80 chars long (same as python) 10 pt font 30 in from display talking horizontal exlusivly using 10pt v spacing 16px h spacing 7px heavy subpixle rendering

average vission can read 31 mm font at 70 ft. 31mm/21m

average vission can read 5 arcminutes about .1 degree per letter. That means i should be able to read 2tan(5 arcminutes/2)30in*1920/23.5in (3.5 px wide) I can. (set to 6pt, 4px wide) 6pt font is 10px tall I must do subpixle rendering

On Oculus 2016, this 15 degrees coresponds to 1080/90*15 = 180 pixles

On gear vr 2015, this is 200 px.

75 cm???

The optics of the DK2 Rift make it most comfortable to view objects that fall within a range of 0.75 to 3.5 meters from the user’s eyes. Although your full environment may occupy any range of depths, objects at which users will look for extended periods of time (such as menus and avatars) should fall in that range. 1.4 m/s

average ipd is 63.5 mm

DK2 Rift are equivalent to looking at a screen approximately 1.3 meters away. eyes relax focus on infinity Guis are comfortable 0.75 and 3.5 meters away. 2.5 meters is a safe distance.

they recomend a tank control theme. I call it the hover chair.

new oculus is 15 pixles per degrees.

for some reason, font size 18 is .5 m. 38 lines

Test: Bigger than

40, 45 work fine. 90 works fine. C