Methods to connect

Get the video off the device.


Suports file transfer and streaming, wireless. Possible interfearence. Streaming is useful becuse the goal is to have 8-hour recordings. Possible reduced video quality. Micro SD are not viable becuse of the length.

It is an wifi n acess point and a web server. Can download from the dcim directory. Can stream from live. Use FFMJPEG to convert the video. Possible to convert?


An alternitive way. Limited to 1080p 60fps (which is plenty), but requires capture cards (~$60 each) Bulky and not that great. Timing will always be within 2 frames.

Magic SD Card

Their is a WIFI full-sized card, but that is too big. I could hook it up to an FPGA or a micro controler, but I am not an EE and this way is time consuming.

Stich it up.

I am going to use my libary to do this in realtime for vr when I am done.