I wanted to make something warm becuse it was cold outside. I decided to make a paw. This also allowed me to test lasercuting fabric.

laser cut test

This showed I can cut at 30% without issue, also the 100-100-100 setting worked quite well.

Above 50% feels gross. Maybe I should increase the speed.

Then I desined a badge. laser cut test

I laser cut it with same settings as before.

cut one

I decided to invert it, and lower the intensity becuse it was hard to see the text. I also made the font larger.

I had to mess around with the focus settings and the speed becuse it was getting burned.

This cut is visible to view, and also has nice haptics cut two

If I where to try this again, I would have used a harder material becuse felt does not hold much info. Although I was happy with the results.