At first, I wanted to make a survalance book that detected when you opened it. shape prototype

The circut test was unreliable. circut test

I tried to make a crash detecting airplane, but could not deal with the weight. Also this tape has poor connections. Also by it is destructive by design. place circut

plane topdown

so I moved to doing origomi swan, but that proved very hard to itegrate a switch. Also doing anything with origomi was proving very time consuming. swan mess

So I went back to the original desing witch uses a slider switch to detect when the book is oppend and light up one of 3 leds accordingly.

finished front

I was forced to solder things as the tape is terrrible at making connections, and my design was too small to do beveal turns.

finished inside

Overal this project was awful. I will never use copper tape for circuts again. TBH I have been using aluminum tape for years as it is much more ridged and reliable for skin contact. It’s also really easy to get at any hardware store.