This is my inclass model


For Model #1 I started with some 3d scans of cultural significanges obtained from


The armadillo means “little armoured one”, where as the dragon is a symbol of strength and good luck. I like the combination. I used an anthromorphic armadillo, and a scan of a 3d dragon becuse I like antromorphic animals.

First, I removed the armadillo’s head. Then, I added the tail and the head of the dragon to the armadillo. Finally, Then I used brushs to fix the seams, blend, and add details.

For Backup #2, I started with a 3d scan of a fox skull from and a scan of my head. I creadted my head scan using a Realsense sensor.


Then I remeshed it. Then I subtracted a crude version of my head from it. Then I reduced the poly count. Then I did an edge transfrom to get that cool style Then I morphed it back the the origanal shape.

That’s how I got the lowpoly fox support I wanted. This is becuse I like making costumes.


This did not turn out as well as expeted. This style of low poly line art look does not go well with it.

For the final model, I made cat ear clips for my headphones. I used a cube based quad modling techneique and have clean topology.


I then applied subdivider and a crease to make it smooth. armodragon

I spent a while adding veins and such to the the ear, but sadly multiresolution modifer has a weird glitch that causes it to spaghettify my model so I stoped trying.

I tried sculting using the new multiresolution modifier, but it has a lot of bugs and corrupted my work when I tried saving.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my armodragon. I would have changed it to be better supported. I was planning to print it on the optical printer, but their was always someone printing on the only functional one. Using dialated edges to get a hole effect proved to be very inefective.