I want to have apps running in unity. I will settle for just a browser, though. I need/want to have chrome becuse google’s speech regonition is the best, even though I can just spoof it easily. I can also use the RealSense SDK from Intel.

Unity is really starting to bother me with its aging Mono.

Linux VNC

Linux is king, and proably the right host os, but I use visual studio. X11 + Pulse forward very easily x11vnc is good. http://askubuntu.com/questions/371687/how-to-carry-audio-over-ssh It’s free, and easy to lock down. I can make a simple program that streams TCP. Audio would be nice. Seems vnc would be a smart choice, even though it is not smart.

xforard + pulseaudio forwarding is about as good a rdb.

Remote Desktop

RDP is much faster and lighter the vnc, although way more coplicated Their are a number of free clients. http://www.remotespark.com/ http://guac-dev.org/

Embed Chrome

Being able to talk to chrome sounds very very helpful. I can write an extension (easy to install for user). Chrome supports IME stuff. Only excuse I have is webcam. This is a bad excuse. Writing chrome extensions is always anoying. I can use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium_Embedded_Framework (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18119125/options-for-embedding-chromium-instead-of-ie-webbrowser-control-with-wpf-c)

Xilium.CefGlue supports mono, but is old CefSharp : no mono, but active ChromiumFX : Supports remote

How does firefox do that 3d view thing?

Other Browsers

uWebKit looks great. Only desktop. Not chrome. Also Mono Browser Browser is promsing. The built-in browser componet is a joke.

PrintScreen in Unity3D

Discussion of diffrent ways to take a screenshot Another post Here is how to Get bitmap of hidden window in C# Their is a good libary to do this cross-platform, but I don’t want cross-platform. This is only for windows. I copied the System.Drawing.dll and System.Drawing.Forms.dll from the unity mono directory to my project. Unity is appartnly red-blue color blind.


That organization stuff is powerfull and complicated. How to load / unload stuff?

Read mode/ mobile. Apps via arcwelder / vm https://github.com/chromium/dom-distiller


The resolution requirments for text are high. That means I either need to run on a gear vr or a new oculus. New oculus is not avalible. Remote desktop can do sounds and has c# componet. So can xforwading + pulse audio

Neglect Security

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp Set SecurityLayer to 1

Project Managment

Their are a lot of PM softwares. Unless I do something they all don’t. Try to leverage them? This market is painful. Run away!